At the heart of everything I do for my clients is one central focus: who is your ideal client? And from there, how do we target him or her?

I'm going to help you identify who your ideal clients are, and determine the best ways to connect with them. Whether your current marketing strategies are out of date and need a complete overhaul, or if you're launching a brand new business with the desire to start strong, I'm here to help.

Stone House Consulting for Creatives provides: 

Content Creation for Wedding Professionals - Stone House Consulting


High quality visual content drives sales, period. In this world of Instagram and Pinterest, if you don't have beautiful, engaging imagery that showcases your products or perfectly encapsulates the style of work you produce, you simply won't get inquiries from your dream brides. 

Content creation is a customized package that centres around a photo shoot. After an initial discovery call, I will design a photo shoot that will enable us to create the type of imagery that represents your brand perfectly, and ultimately, attract the right type of clientele. The final product will include imagery for your website and social media.

I can work with: 
-Wedding photographers and planners, to build their portfolios
-Bridal designers and accessory designers, to showcase their newest collections
-Wedding venues wishing to create a certain aesthetic
-Stationery designers calligraphy artists, bakers and cake artists, hair and makeup artists, and more!

Squarespace Website Packages - Consulting for Wedding Pros


One of the biggest problems I see wedding professionals struggle with is a failure to effectively communicate with our clients. But once you implement a better communication strategy, everything changes. Streamlining your inbox with templated emails will save you time, save you money, and ensures your clients get the best service from you.

Customized / Customizable email template copywriting for $95 CAD:
-Package of 9 email templates, working through your client intake process to customize the emails to your business needs.
-Guidelines on what small tweaks you need to make to ensure each email is customized to the client.
-Professionally written with proper grammar.

*I’m not just selling you the email templates that I use, though some of the language will be the same. Your business has it’s own needs; so will your communication strategy!

Emails include: initial inquiry responses (both when you are and are not available), appointment reminder, proposal share, 1st follow up, 2nd follow up, contract signing / deposit needed, receipt of booking, and confirmations prior to wedding.

Website Copywriting Services - Wedding Vendor Consulting


It's never easy to talk about yourself. But writing about yourself? That's a whole different ball game.

I want to help you put your best foot forward. The content on your site should be compelling, clear, and guide your clients to your desired course of action: inquiries! It sounds easy, but you'd be amazed at how many simple mistakes are made on a regular basis.

With a background in writing and editing, my copywriting services involve an in-depth analysis of your site content, your ideal client, keywords, and a finished product that sparkles with wit and creates trust within your prospective clients. 

Possible Copywriting Projects Include:
-website content
-client guides
-email blasts
-other projects as needed


Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook? Where are your ideal clients hanging out in their free time, and how can you best connect with them?  What's your goal when it comes to using social media?

Let's be honest: with all of the constant algorithm changes and updates being made to our favourite social media channels, it's basically impossible to keep on top of everything. I don't know everything, and I don't have all the answers. But what I do know is that having a strong strategy will get you moving in the right direction, and start bringing in the right clients. 






Social Media Strategy for Wedding Vendors


Designed for creative small business owners who need a kick but may not have the time or finances to invest in a larger consulting service, power sessions are an hourly coaching service during which we can talk about an array of topics, including but not limited to ideal client development, marketing plan development, website and portfolio reviews, and social media strategy. 

Power sessions typically include some creative brainstorming, worksheets, current strategy analysis along with encouraging any adjustments that may be needed. 

In order to run a strong business, you need to have a handle on your finances. Referrals to power sessions with a financial advisor are also available. 



One on One Floral Design Workshops - Business Strategy for Wedding Florists


Whether you're starting your floral design business or you find yourself in a rut, these personalized workshops are just what you need to hit the play button.

Completely customized to best suit your needs, each session begins with pre-workshop homework, during which I'll help you nail down your ideal client to allow me to perfectly design the workshop to attract that client. Workshop curriculum will vary according to your individual business, and everything from the overall colour palette to every single bloom will be tailored to you.

Two options are available: design-only workshops, or a design/business combo workshop (and once I get started talking business, I never stop!). Pricing for workshops will be customized according to each clients' needs.

One on one workshops are suitable for floral designers specializing in weddings, located in North America. Workshops will take place in my home studio in Winnipeg, Canada.

Photo by Laura Foote Photography



We all want to put our best foot forward, but let’s face it: we don’t always know what foot that is.

How we communicate with our clients is critical to the success of our businesses, and your website is one of the key elements to this conversation. Are you missing key info? Not sure which images properly reflect your brand and which should get the boot? Do you just want an experienced set of eyes looking over your digital presence, to make sure that all is as it should be?

Website review sessions are done digitally. I’ll scour through your website, taking note of both the awesome things that you have going on and the areas where your website needs some work, always keeping your ideal client in mind. A detailed packet of suggestions you can implement in your own time will be delivered alongside my critique.



Event Planners
Venues and Caterers
Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists
Bridal Boutiques and Independent Bridal Designers
Stationery Designers and Calligraphers
Accessory Designers


Most packages are customized according to your needs. Please inquire for more information!