Featured On the Team Flower Podcast

Hey florist friends!

I was recently featured on the Team Flower Podcast, speaking with Kelly on the topic of “Leading Your Client",” along with many other things!

Featured on the Team Flower Podcast

A conversation with Kelly is always a sweet one. This was actually my first podcast interview, so I won’t lie - I was a little nervous! She put me at ease and we chatted through my story and how I developed and grew my company from the initial goal of booking 2 weddings and ending up booking 30 weddings within that very same year. I tell the story of how Stone House Creative came to be, and about how my business has evolved over the years (and how it will continue to evolve!) with encouragement for all of you to determine your own growth individually - don’t measure your goals and your needs based on some other company’s goals!

We also talked a little bit about the upcoming Team Flower Conference, next March in Waco, Texas. I’m so thrilled to be sharing the stage as a speaker at the conference, highlighting the importance of educating your client (I know, I know - I talk about this a lot - but it’s something that I’m just so passionate about!).

This conversation with Kelly isn’t just limited to flowers - if you’re in any segment of the wedding industry, you might find some helpful ideas for your own business. I’d love to hear your thoughts!