Marketing is a Chain Link. Is Yours Broken?

Ugly websites. Broken contact form, or no contact info listed. Lack of detail. You didn't tell them where you're located. No clear call to action. 

Is Your Marketing Broken? Wedding Industry Marketing

Here's the thing, guys: You have to DO the WORK for your prospective clients. If your prospective client has to do any work to contact you/find out where you are/understand what services you provide aside from clicking a button and reading a little, then you have failed as a business owner. And I really do mean any work at all: if they have to read through your entire About and Contact pages because you don't have your city/area listed on your homepage and in your Instagram bio, then you have failed. If they have to dig and dig to find out what services you actually offer, then you have failed. If they have to do any research at all to find out why they would want to inquire with you, then YOU HAVE FAILED. 

I like to think of marketing as a chain made up of individual links. If one of those links is broken, then the entire chain is made useless. Such as: 
-a broken contact form
-no contact info listed
-outdated links or a broken link (ie. If your instagram bio doesn't have your website url)
-your Instagram feed is beautiful but your website portfolio is out of date, making a client question whether or not you're the same company
-outdated info on your online profiles with wedding listings like The Knot or WeddingWire

So here's your challenge for this week: Walk through every aspect of your marketing chain, from the perspective of a potential client. Are you making it easy for them to fall in love with you?