Appearances Matter

We work in a luxury industry. After an officiant and their marriage license, a couple really doesn't need anything that we offer to actually get married. So, appearances matter! It's important to leverage your work, your style, and your personality to grow your business and take advantage of that first impression to get clients through your door.

Now, I want to start by saying that you don't need to be wearing designer clothing, or have perfect hair and makeup all the time, or anything at all like that. Rather, I think that we need to be conscious that the way we present ourselves (including our appearances but also the way we speak, the way we hold ourselves in any client interaction, etc) needs to fit with our brands.

I'm not even just talking about our physical appearances. Think about your studio, meeting space, your Instagram feed! If your ideal client is a major dog lover, then in order to connect with them, it would be a wise decision to pop a video of your cute pup into your stories now and again. If your ideal client is a wealthy professional who loves designer clothing, then your office should featured tasteful, streamlined furniture in an elegant colour scheme. Get what I'm saying? Of course you do. 

They don't actually NEED most of us for any part of their life. They just want us. Leverage that "want" into a booking by fitting the brand that you put forward, and attracting the client that you dream of.

Here's your challenge for the week: Spend some time brainstorming your ideal client. How old is he/she? What's his/her profession? What's his/her personality like, and what are his/her values? What are his/her needs (in relation to your services)and how are you uniquely positioned to fill those needs? What will his/her wedding be like? Simply google search "ideal client avatar" and you'll come up with a bunch of results to help you better picture this person. 

Some of you might be saying that anyone who wants to spend money is your ideal client. And for some of your businesses, that might be true. I'd still encourage you to dig a little deeper, though. When you are consistently booking your ideal clients, you'll find that you have very little frustration in your client dealings, and you'll be able to really just love your work more.

Now that you have this person in mind, how can you gear your "appearance" to best attract your ideal client?