Welcome to Stone House Consulting!

Hi! I'm Lauren. Welcome to Stone House Consulting. I'm SO excited to get this thing started.

Truth be told, Stone House Consulting is something I've been dreaming about doing for about 7 years already. My vision for the company has shifted and changed over the years, and it will likely continue to do so as the wedding industry changes, but it has always come down to this: small business owners in the wedding industry often need a hand in growing their businesses, and don't know where to turn. Let me be that person for you. 

I've worked in weddings for almost 9 years now. My career started in publishing, and over the years, I've worked in several different facets: bridal magazine editor, wedding consultant for a local vendor, advertising, marketing and copywriting for a major online wedding publication, and as the owner of a floral design studio. Throughout these changes, my interest has always been in helping small businesses in the wedding industry grow their businesses. 

Along with Stone House Consulting, I also own Stone House Creative, a boutique-style floral design studio specializing in weddings. So I get what you're going through. The questions of how to attract those ideal clients (do those ideal clients even exist?!), of how to budget, where to spend your advertising dollars. Can't keep up with wedding trends and finding yourself left behind in this fast-paced industry? Which images should you post? You need a new website but have no idea how to update it to attract the right couples. All of these things are things that I can help you with.

I really just want to see you succeed, treat your clients well, and build a stronger wedding industry. 

Every couple deserves to work with wedding vendors whose work they love. You have that work. You just need to show it off! I'll be the first to admit that I don't know everything. With each new wedding season, things change. Couples find us in different ways. They want different things at their weddings. Wedding vendors adapt by offering new services, and filling new needs. I'll adapt with you. 

My services are available to wedding vendors throughout North America.  If you want to follow along with me, I'd love for you to join my newsletter. I promise I won't fill up your inbox with useless things - you can expect a maximum of 1 email per month!