Hello! I'm Lauren Wiebe, owner of Stone House Consulting.

Over the past 8 years, I've worked in different capacities throughout the wedding industry: as the Editorial Director for a local bridal magazine, Events Coordinator and Marketing Manager for a retail florist, Account Executive and Copywriter for a leading online wedding blog, and finally, I launched Stone House Creative in 2014, a boutique floral design studio in Winnipeg specializing in weddings. I love my work as a floral designer, and being a small business owner is an incredible privilege. 

But, I'd always considered myself more of a curator than a creator. As a floral designer, that stressed me out a bit - until I realized that I was wired to do both.

I came into the creative world as a writer. In my first days working for a local bridal magazine, I discovered a desire to connect small business owners with their ideal clients, to set them up well and showcase them in their best light, and in the end, to see them grow.

That's why I'm here, with Stone House Consulting for Creatives: to help you, a small business owner in the wedding industry. I want to help you identify who your target clients are, and then determine the best ways to connect with them.

Let's build your business.


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